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Little Black Dog Quilt Studio


I am pleased to provide the following services:

NEW - Basting for hand quilting

Attention hand quilters: I will provide basting to stabilize the top, batting and backing for easier hand quilting.  Once you have the experience of having your quilt longarm basted for you, you will wonder why someone didn't offer this to you before now.  No more crawling on the floor for hours pinning a top or finding an area large enough your quilt for hand basting.

$50.00 flat rate

I am now taking reservations for this service. Please give me a call. I'd love to baste your quilt for you.

Edge to Edge quilting

Description: Stitch a repeating pattern from the left edge to right edge and from top to bottom of your quilt.

Price: Price varies due to the complexity of the pattern chosen and the amount of thread used beginning at $0.020 per square inch.

Minimum Charge: $50.00  

Custom Quilting

Description: Cross hatch, clamshells, diagonals, background fill, borders, sash, black motif, stitch in the ditch, outline or echo quilting, etc.

Price: The price will be determined by the complexity of your requirement starting at $0.035 per square inch. Please contact me for a price estimate.

Minimum Charge: $50.00

Other services

Turning the quilt:  $10.00

Specialty threads: Determined by the thread selected.

Thread charges:  $5.00

*Pressing and Trimming:  $20.00 per hour

*Seaming:  $10.00 per seam

* Please see my page about "How to prepare your quilt for machine quilting" to avoid these charges.


Half: The binding is machine stitched to the top of quilt for the owner to trim, turn and hand sew. $0.15 per linear inch

Full: The binding is machine stitched to the top of the quilt and I will trim, turn and hand sew. $0.20 per linear inch

Hobbs 100% Cotton Heirloom Batting


Shipping: On request via UPS, insurance will incur additional charges.

I use Superior brand threads. I will not accept thread by others. See my information links for their websites.

Gift Certificates: Available in any denomination.

Prices are subject to change without notice.