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Little Black Dog Quilt Studio

About Little Black Dog Quilt Studio

Little Black Dog Quilt Studio was founded in April 2008.  The endearing name Scottie dog owners use to describe Scottish terriers is "little black dog" (LBD).  Scotties are a distinctive breed of terrier known the world over for being smart, loyal, loving, playful, strong and tenacious.

I've been raising Scotties most of my life, therefore I decided to name my studio after the proud little dog with the big heart.  There's just something very special about these little black dogs.

Ann Murphy

I began sewing in the 4th grade and had sewn my own clothes for many years.  While it was satisfying, I wanted a more creative outlet.

I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Home Economics Education. I started looking for something else to satisfy my creative muse using my knowledge of fabrics and my sewing talent.

A wall hanging kit caught my eye in a fabric store and I thought to myself "How hard can it be?".  I diligently followed the directions for piecing the kit together in relatively short order but the instructions were very sketchy about the quilting part. I was hooked.

I enrolled in a beginners quilting class at my local quilt store. That was over 20 years ago. By the way, my first quilt was a full size sampler, hand pieced and hand quilted.  The piecing went together quickly.  As with many quilters, I finished the quilting 3 years later under deadline for a show.

I am active in two quilt associations, San Fernando Valley Quilt Association and Valley Quiltmakers Guild.  I participate in two small sewing groups four times per month to sew, eat and catch up.  These women have become cherished friends.  We have a sew day once a quarter and we go on a 3-4 day quilting retreat twice a year and are ready at a moments notice for a road trip! Quilting has been my hobby and creative outlet for over 20 years.   I left corporate America to pursue my passion on a full time basis.

Why I became a professional longarm quilter.

I noticed over the years I accumulated 4 things in my quilting world.

  • A large stash of fabric
  • A fair amount of finished quilts
  • A good number of unfinished projects
  • An ever growing list of quilt tops to be made and quilted
I started asking my friends and fellow quilt association members if they were accumulating the same things.  Not to my surprise the answers were yes, yes, and yes. I found they had many quilt tops never likely to be finished due to the actual quilting itself.  Like me, they loved the creativity of piecing a new quilt but lacked the time required to quilt.